Blockchain Foundry (CSE: BCFN) Starts Trading On Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE)


We’re on a mission to change the way your software is developed and your data is served.

With data security as a primary concern, leveraging the blockchain (the same technology used to store billions of dollars in the growing digital economy) to store data endows all of our projects with the world’s most provable and unbreakable encryption.

Unlike traditional software where your data is in a central location on servers requiring maintenance, staff and regular backups, we use blockchains as our foundation. This allows globally distributed data with limitless redundancy eliminating the need for backups, maintenance, staff, and the rent or purchase of expensive hardware. For free.

Blockchain Foundry’s mission is to disrupt markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. We remove middlemen, clearing houses and other such mechanisms that negatively affect your bottom line. It can also lead to errors, mistakes and security breaches. This type of technology is especially critical in markets where a one-minute supply chain inefficiency can lead to massive revenue increases. We believe blockchains will fundamentally change how organizations think about doing business.

Blockmarket Desktop

Building on the World’s First Decentralized Marketplace, Blockmarket is the newest generation of Syscoin’s Desktop wallet with a complete marketplace built-in. Built on blockchain technology it provides the unbanked an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by selling their own products while eliminating middlemen, credit card fees and political interference. Buy or sell anything to anyone, anywhere on Earth.



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