Electric Vehicle Demand For Battery Metals Makes Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp (OTCQB: PCRCF, CSE: BOLT) An Attractive Opportunity



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Why Pacific Rim Cobalt (OTCQB: PCRCF, CSE: BOLT) Is the One To Watch...

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp (OTCQB: PCRCF, CSE: BOLT) has just released strong drill results from their flagship asset in Indonesia, confirming the development of a complete mineralized laterite profile - common to the massive nickel mines throughout the country.


Aggressive clean energy policies around the world have triggered over 40 auto makers to invest billions of dollars into the transition toward an electric vehicle future.


Indonesia, the largest nickel producer on earth, has become the destination of heavy investment by blue chip mining companies looking to secure critical supply of nickel (and cobalt as a by-product) required for EV battery manufacturing.


Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp (OTCQB: PCRCF, CSE: BOLT) led by a veteran management team with local operational experience, has established an early presence in Indonesia with their flagship 5,000 hectare nickel and cobalt asset.


Indonesia is in proximity to China, the world's largest EV battery market and battery metals consumer.


Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp's low market capitalization and strategic location present an interesting entry point for investors seeking to participate in the battery metals bull market.

Aggressive Electric Vehicle adoption globally is driving demand for critical battery metals.

Governments and corporations around the world are implementing aggressive "clean energy" policies, forcing over 40 automakers to join the race for electric vehicle dominance.

The pivot toward electrification has triggered a surge in demand for cobalt and nickel, two key components in the manufacturing of EV batteries.


“The majority of the cobalt is heading straight to China.  Their global hold is huge.”
– CRU 2016


Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. (OTCQB: PCRCF, CSE: BOLT) is a publicly traded battery metals exploration company whose flagship asset is a 100% controlled 5,000 hectare cobalt and nickel mineral property, located in proximity to the world's largest battery market - China.

Led by a world class capital markets, geological and marketing team, and building on its partnership with Beijing Easpring, a leading China-based specialized supplier of cathode material for lithium ion batteries, the Company is well positioned to benefit from the burgeoning battery storage sector in Asia.

The impressive Cyclops nickel and cobalt project has over 850 historical drill holes, numerous test-pits, as well as production and environmental permits in place. With a historic estimate (not 43-101 compliant) of 37MM tonnes of 0.11% cobalt and 1.31% nickel mineralization, and excellent infrastructure for year-round development, Cyclops is an asset that holds potential to unlock significant value for Pacific Rim shareholders.

"We are excited and optimistic about the unique possibility of developing this project into an asset that will add shareholder value and position the company to play a future role in the battery metals supply chain. It's going to be a busy year ahead, and we look forward to getting the drills turning and building value." - Ranjeet Sundher, CEO


Leadership: Backed by early stage investors with proven record of creating shareholder value in natural resource companies. Over 60 years combined experience in Indonesia mining sector.

Asset: 5,000 hectare cobalt and nickel project is well mineralized with a historical (currently non-compliant to 43-101 standards) estimate of 37Mt @ 0.11% Co and 1.31%Ni at 0.8% Ni cut-off grade.  Excellent infrastructure and close to major city and airport.

Potential for expansion as mineralization is open at depth and on-strike.

Partnership: Preliminary Offtake Agreement signed with China’s top battery materials supplier, Beijing Easpring 

Attractive valuation: Market capitalization is much lower than its pre-production and late-stage exploration peer group and there remains potential for upside valuation adjustment.

Project development in 2019 may add significant value to their flagship Cyclops cobalt and nickel asset as its advanced toward being a part of the Electric Vehicle battery value chain.


Global demand for renewable power and electric vehicles is fueling a massive shift from traditional energy supply chain economics, and the most widely used power source for portable applications are cobalt-reliant lithium-ion batteries.  Cobalt faces significant headwinds in supply disruption, causing governments of industrialized nations to deem it a 'critical metal'.

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp's asset, known as Cyclops, encompasses over 5,000 hectares in Papua Province, Indonesia, and has a historical (currently non-compliant to 43-101 standards) estimate of 37 million tonnes of mineralization grading 0.11% cobalt and 1.31% nickel - a lot of value waiting to be unlocked.  Certainly an enticing asset for Chinese battery makers who are currently on the hunt right in Indonesia for secure supplies of these critical metals.

Even more interesting is Pacific Rim's recently announced partnership with China's largest EV battery maker, Beijing Easpring.  Attracting this level of interest certainly lends credence to the project's potential and quality.

With shares trading in Canada (BOLT) and the U.S. (PCRCF) the company currently has a market capitalization of approximately $6 million.  The upside lies in management's ability to develop the project and make it an attractive proposition to giant Chinese battery manufacturers, who are actively targeting Indonesia for it's cobalt potential.  Further upside exists in the fact that only a portion of this large project has been explored. One can imagine the potential as a very capable team of veterans moves this high quality asset forward.


Shares of Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp (CSE: BOLT, OTCQB: PCRCF) have started climbing in anticipation of this years active schedule, offering an interesting entry point for new investors.

Here are some of the key developments investors can expect in the coming months:

  • Building on their partnership with Beijing Easpring, a leading specialized supplier of cathode material for lithium ion batteries to industry giants.
  • 2019 promises to be an active year of exploration, project advancement and mineral processing optimization, providing investors with regular news flow on many fronts.
  • Planned construction, and scaling up, of pilot plant in early to mid 2019.
  • Frequent visits to China and Japan resulting in strong interest from downstream users and commodity suppliers to EV space.
  • Ongoing regional property evaluation program, with an aim to add advanced battery metals projects to their asset base.


Cobalt has recently been marked as a 'critical' or 'strategic' metal by industrial nations around the world, due to it's importance in the battery market supply chain.

In fact, Erik Prince, notoriously known for founding Blackwater Inc, has just announced the launch of a $500 million fund focused on electric car battery metals, particularly cobalt.

“When I see the R&D budgets of all the major automakers ploughing huge money into hybrid or electric vehicles, I believe the demand curve for the unique minerals that make up an electric car and battery technology will be enormously high over the coming years,” Mr Prince said.

“The majority of the cobalt is heading straight to China.  Their global hold is huge.”
– CRU 2016

“The US and China have identified cobalt as a strategic metal and are stockpiling cobalt”
-USGS 2016


  • Indonesia is one of the world's largest producers of nickel.
  • As cobalt is a by-product of nickel mining, modern mineral processing options are just starting to unlock the massive potential this country holds for economic cobalt resources.
  • Indonesia is also strategically located in proximity to the world's largest battery market - China - giving it a distinct advantage over cobalt explorers located in the West.
  • Indonesia has begun drawing billions of dollars in investment from multi-national mining and technology firms intent on securing future production rights.

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. recognized this opportunity early and seized the moment by acquiring a large cobalt - nickel prospect - located on tide water, which opens up options for direct shipping routes to China.  The Company is in the process of systematically unlocking the potentially significant value this mineralized asset may hold.


Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp wants to join the ranks of multinational mining companies who are supplying China with a conflict-free flow of cobalt and nickel.

With an extensive development program ongoing on the Cyclops project, the Company has a full slate of activity planned for 2019.

Infrastructure to and around the project is excellent, allowing for year round access.  It’s a 45 minute drive on sealed roads from the airport and in close proximity to a city with skilled labor (Jayapura, pop. 350,000).

Cyclops is adjacent to deep tidewater, opening up the potential for easy port access and direct shipping routes to Asia.

Location, infrastructure, mineral grade and market dynamics  - Management has ensured all the critical boxes have been checked when reviewing and securing this impressive project.

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp (CSE: BOLT, OTCQB: PCRCF) is entering Chapter Two of it’s evolution, offering investors seeking opportunities in the battery metals sector an attractive entry point.

A greener future is unavoidable, and the battery storage needs around the world will ensure demand for cobalt remain strong, giving investors an opportunity to participate, and potentially profit from, this once in a generation paradigm shift.

Please visit Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp's website for more information on this emerging investment opportunity.


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